For the Queer Heathen Women

Found the poem that I used to open my talk at the Conference of Heathen Women in 2018:

This is for the queer heathen women,
those yowling bitches and booted butches,
those lipstick lesbians, gays, bi’s, aces, aro’s and dykes.
For the weekend queens, and my Trans sisters,
for all those who echo Allmother Frigga in their kisses.
For those who identify as woman,
some, or all of the time,
for those who want to live, and not just survive.
We stand together.
In our boots, in our heels, in our bare feet.
Crowded by Disir whispering protections,
we are loved, down the generations.

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Heathens in Lockdown

Back in April 2020, which feels both a lifetime ago and yesterday, we produced a series of short videos, one a day for the better part of a week, looking at particular deities and what they might represent to us as heathens in lockdown. The whole series is now gathered on this site for you to have a wander through: either take one that interests you, or watch the whole series in sequence and reflect on some of the questions and points raised.

You can find the all the videos in the series on a new permanent page, here:

Let Us Pray

Prayer. For some modern heathens that word is one of deep connection, reverence, praise and peaceful sanctuary, for others the word is one which offers a shudder of revulsion, of uncomfortableness and of old-held understandings and memories of mandatory requirements. Some who have previously walked an Abramic path, find verbal prayer to be too close to previous practice, and want to reject it wholeheartedly.

Prayer is an endless dialogue, thread connections between us and our gods, between us and the land, between us and the people who came before. Through prayer we can connect and have meaningful experiences and exchanges. Through prayer we can deepen our spritual and faith practice. Prayer is often first thought of as verbal, words that you say out loud, or in your own head, focussing them towards where you want them to go.

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