Heathen Prayer Week series 2021

When I go to the Jorvik Viking Festival, it’s a time of celebration, connection and reflection. A time to discuss the latest archaeological research, theories and academic publications. A time to connect to people I see year on year, to buy from craftspeople and traders, who have often travelled from all across Europe. A time to walk familiar roads, eat good food, learn new skills, a time to pray. A time to spend entirely within my faith.

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The Welcome Dark

A few nights ago, after two days of rain and snow, there was a power cut. 2045, just as we’re settling down for the evening after the day’s work is done, we’re fed, food shopping is done and put away and we have some relaxation time before bed, there’s a small but definite click, and all the lights go out. In those first few seconds stood still in the pitch black of the kitchen, we hear the heating boiler and fridge freezer power down and as our eyes adjust to the new absence of light, we realise that there’s no streetlights outside, and no light from neighbouring houses.

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