Tolerance, Inclusion and British Values

The Paradox of Tolerance provides, well… a paradox for inclusive heathens. First identified by Popper, the Paradox of Tolerance assumes a sliding scale of values with extremes, say ultra inclusive heathenry through the moderate middle to far right or exclusionary heathenry, with individual heathens sitting anywhere on the scale and potentially moving around it in either direction as their practice evolves and develops. Inclusive implies ‘to include’ as in, to include everyone, and that may be the argument that the far right stance uses to not only request equal consideration and space to express their own stance, but also to dismantle and devalue those who claim the word inclusive but refute the exclusionary heathen stance. ‘Ah, well, if you reject my stance and I’m a heathen’ they may respond ‘you’re not actually inclusive, are you?’

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