‘The Goddess of Nothing at All’ and theological reflection

*No book spoilers in this blog post*

You might just have figured out that I’m a queer inclusive heathen by now. I was gifted an ARC of ‘The Goddess of Nothing at All’ by the author Cat Rector. I welcome a fiction book which not only sees Norse myth in a new way, but also holds LGBT+ representation in a way which is not jarring with the material or context.

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Funko Faith: Popular Culture as a Basis for Theological Reflection.

There’s been a whole lot of Norse themed popular culture in the last few years: fiction books, graphic novels, artwork, statuary, not to mention a big dollop in the interlocked MCU and the preceding and ongoing comics and graphic novels. Roleplayers, cosplayers, geeks, authors, bloggers and the general public are now aware of our mythology, Norse stories, characters, events and words such as Ragnarok, Mjolnir and Bifrost. Pop culture has cheerfully plonked on the plastic horned helmet and leaned hard into the Early Middle Ages.

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