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Hail and well met, I’m Suzanne, and I’m the author of Gytha in Jeans. Over the last twenty several years, I have been learning about, communicating with, and sharing knowledge about the Gods in the Heathen faith. My study has been partly academic in the obtaining of a Masters degree in European Historical Archaeology, with a focus on the Scandinavian World, but also tempered with many hours of personal study, prayer, and service to my community. I continue to be a strong supporter of the local pagan and interfaith communities.

I have delivered workshops, and lectures on various aspects of Heathenism over many years, specialising in discourse on Heathen ethics and oracular runes. I was invited to speak at the 2018 Conference of Heathen Women, presenting a paper on queer Heathenry, and am Gytha to Chesterfield Heathens.

Additionally, I have performed public blot and ritual for the pagan community, together with private ceremonies such as handfastings and namings. Since January 2017, I have co-hosted the Frithcast podcast together with my wife, looking at modern heathenism – with a good dollop of queer humour and geekery thrown in.

The Heathen faith is detailed in historical sources, but it is a modern faith. My faith is valid to me now: I can look at the past for evidence of interactions, but I don’t hold that identical interactions are the only ones that someone can, or should, experience.
You are welcome to ask me heathen related stuff: if I don’t know it, I’ll do my best to find out! You are also welcome to contact me to enquire about bookings as a celebrant. I’m on Facebook, Twitter @GythaInJeans, or available by email gythainjeans(at)gmail.com.

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