Welcome, lovely reader to the new blog for Gytha in Jeans, you may have arrived here from Frithcast, from my twitter feed, or from a random internet search. Either way, I’d best let you know what to expect. There’ll be irregular posts on inclusive heathenry, I’m aiming for posts short enough to read in one sitting.
They’ll be from the standpoint of supportive, inclusive, queer heathenry. If you don’t share that perspective I don’t owe you an explaination, or debate on why I understand inclusive heathenry to be my choice of how to express my faith. Debate, comment and exploration on the points I raise is just fine, but questions based around ‘why inclusive heathenry?’ are not. I will cheerfully delete your unpublished comments, as surprisingly, this is my blog and my space.

Introductions are probably in order. I’m Suzanne, my pronouns are she/her, I’m a queer geek inclusive heathen from Derbyshire in the UK. if you like what I do on this blog, or you enjoy what we do on Frithcast, and you’re financially able, you’re welcome to give a donation on our Ko-Fi site: https://ko-fi.com/frithcast There’s a whole About Me page on this blog if you’d like to read a bit more about me, I hope you enjoy the posts.

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‘The Goddess of Nothing at All’ and theological reflection

*No book spoilers in this blog post*

You might just have figured out that I’m a queer inclusive heathen by now. I was gifted an ARC of ‘The Goddess of Nothing at All’ by the author Cat Rector. I welcome a fiction book which not only sees Norse myth in a new way, but also holds LGBT+ representation in a way which is not jarring with the material or context.

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Funko Faith: Popular Culture as a Basis for Theological Reflection.

There’s been a whole lot of Norse themed popular culture in the last few years: fiction books, graphic novels, artwork, statuary, not to mention a big dollop in the interlocked MCU and the preceding and ongoing comics and graphic novels. Roleplayers, cosplayers, geeks, authors, bloggers and the general public are now aware of our mythology, Norse stories, characters, events and words such as Ragnarok, Mjolnir and Bifrost. Pop culture has cheerfully plonked on the plastic horned helmet and leaned hard into the Early Middle Ages.

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There’s an emphasis on community within heathenism, and a more subtle focus on family, ancestors and generations yet to come. Far-right heathenry overtly identifies this as a duty to bear children and continue personal legacies with direct lines of parent, grandparent and into the future, in the hope of creating new generations with faith in their path, and directly associating this with personal worth and status. In heathen online groups there can be posts about DNA and bloodlines, from the curious family historian to the purist proudly tracing their line back to kings. But: legacy isn’t where and when you’re born, it’s based in your actions and the remembrance of those.

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Tolerance, Inclusion and British Values

The Paradox of Tolerance provides, well… a paradox for inclusive heathens. First identified by Popper, the Paradox of Tolerance assumes a sliding scale of values with extremes, say ultra inclusive heathenry through the moderate middle to far right or exclusionary heathenry, with individual heathens sitting anywhere on the scale and potentially moving around it in either direction as their practice evolves and develops. Inclusive implies ‘to include’ as in, to include everyone, and that may be the argument that the far right stance uses to not only request equal consideration and space to express their own stance, but also to dismantle and devalue those who claim the word inclusive but refute the exclusionary heathen stance. ‘Ah, well, if you reject my stance and I’m a heathen’ they may respond ‘you’re not actually inclusive, are you?’

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Heathen Prayer Week series 2021

When I go to the Jorvik Viking Festival, it’s a time of celebration, connection and reflection. A time to discuss the latest archaeological research, theories and academic publications. A time to connect to people I see year on year, to buy from craftspeople and traders, who have often travelled from all across Europe. A time to walk familiar roads, eat good food, learn new skills, a time to pray. A time to spend entirely within my faith.

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The Welcome Dark

A few nights ago, after two days of rain and snow, there was a power cut. 2045, just as we’re settling down for the evening after the day’s work is done, we’re fed, food shopping is done and put away and we have some relaxation time before bed, there’s a small but definite click, and all the lights go out. In those first few seconds stood still in the pitch black of the kitchen, we hear the heating boiler and fridge freezer power down and as our eyes adjust to the new absence of light, we realise that there’s no streetlights outside, and no light from neighbouring houses.

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For the Queer Heathen Women

Found the poem that I used to open my talk at the Conference of Heathen Women in 2018:

This is for the queer heathen women,
those yowling bitches and booted butches,
those lipstick lesbians, gays, bi’s, aces, aro’s and dykes.
For the weekend queens, and my Trans sisters,
for all those who echo Allmother Frigga in their kisses.
For those who identify as woman,
some, or all of the time,
for those who want to live, and not just survive.
We stand together.
In our boots, in our heels, in our bare feet.
Crowded by Disir whispering protections,
we are loved, down the generations.

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Heathens in Lockdown

Back in April 2020, which feels both a lifetime ago and yesterday, we produced a series of short videos, one a day for the better part of a week, looking at particular deities and what they might represent to us as heathens in lockdown. The whole series is now gathered on this site for you to have a wander through: either take one that interests you, or watch the whole series in sequence and reflect on some of the questions and points raised.

You can find the all the videos in the series on a new permanent page, here: https://gythainjeans.home.blog/heathens-in-lockdown-series/

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