Heathens in Lockdown Series

Back in April of 2020, when the UK lockdown for Coronavirus was but a few short weeks old, I did a series of 6 videos posting one a day, each focussing on a particular deity and exploring what we could reflect on with regards to the lockdown. Here’s the whole set for you to have a wander through:

Day 1: Odin the Wanderer

Who is the aspect of Odin the Wanderer to us, when we can’t wander?

Day 2: Freya – acceptance and family

Here’s the second video in this short series – focusing on Freya, acceptance and family. As heathens in lockdown, how can we relate to her and aid our own wellbeing?

As mentioned; here are some links to mental health resources: https://www.bacp.co.uk/…/13-march-coronavirus-self…/
There’s also free mental health and anxiety management apps that might be worth a look – Moodspace, What’s Up and SAM – Self Help for Anxiety Management – are my usual go to recs. Headspace is usually a paid service, but has opened up some bits for free due to the current situation.In the UK, there’s a text-based support service free from most major mobile networks called Shout http://giveusashout.org that might be useful. And finally here’s the link to the article that reminded me about Freya: https://theurbanhowl.com/…/step-true-power-daughter…/

Day 3: Heimdall the Watcher

Here’s the third video in this series of six, this time for Heimdall and his role in being the Guardian of Asgard. As heathens in lockdown, how can we raise our own awareness of those who keep our communities safe? How can we keep watch over our own boundaries?

Day 4: Eir the Healer

Here’s the fourth video in the Heathens in Lockdown series of six, this time looking at Eir, Healer of Asgard. What do we need to heal? How can we give ourselves the best chance of success? Who is Eir to us as heathens in lockdown?

Day 5: Thor, Friend of the People

Here’s the penultimate video in this series, looking at Thor and his values of direct action and common sense. How do we value work and production? What value do we place on our own work or the work of others, whilst we are in lockdown?

Day 6: The Trickster – potential for change

The sixth and last in a short series of videos reflecting on the Norse Gods. This one looks at Loki, the Trickster God, representing the potential for change. And we consider the changes into which our current health crisis has forced our societies, and how we might look for inspiration to the one who is the embodiment of change and unpredictability.

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