For the Queer Heathen Women

Found the poem that I used to open my talk at the Conference of Heathen Women in 2018:

This is for the queer heathen women,
those yowling bitches and booted butches,
those lipstick lesbians, gays, bi’s, aces, aro’s and dykes.
For the weekend queens, and my Trans sisters,
for all those who echo Allmother Frigga in their kisses.
For those who identify as woman,
some, or all of the time,
for those who want to live, and not just survive.
We stand together.
In our boots, in our heels, in our bare feet.
Crowded by Disir whispering protections,
we are loved, down the generations.

We give derision to narrow minded divisions.
Let us have the mountain-rooted conviction of Skathi
We don’t need to ‘calm down dear’
We can open our own damn jars
We protect life, guard those that we choose to be in our families
We make our own magic, our own decisions
about who we choose to be.
May we be as fierce in our love as Freya
Heal ourselves with the help of Eir
Have the self-control of Snottra,
Find ways to celebrate our own unique beauty, as Sif
Welcome all, as Hela does,
Allow our hearts to feel, like Nanna
Shine bright and bring warmth to those around us, like Sunna
We do not choose to bruise
We choose to be wild,
to dance with the landspirits in the storm
to dance with our ancestors
to dance with the High Ones
Shoulder to shoulder in solidarity,
we dance together to the end of our long days.

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